Traditionally popular with technical divers as well as the Swedish and US navies. An easy breathe at any depth and the preferred choice for a bail-out kit. Approved to EN250 cold water standard.Viking Technica small


The Poseidon XStream 1st Stage is one of the few in the world that does not require environmental sealing for use in cold water. Lower complexity makes for safer and trouble-free equipment, keeping focus away from the technology and more on the experience. For more technical information, head over to our specifications.


  • Durable PVC housing with metal mechanism and rubber parts.

Technical Features:

  • Use either way up
  • Robust, durable
  • Approved for cold water diving
  • Reliable high performance
  • Delivered with a 70 cm hose.
  • Approved to depth (m/f) 50/165
  • IM Pressure (bar/psi) 9.5/138
  • Air Yes
  • Trimix (max 21% O2) Yes
  • Nitrox No
  • Oxygen (99,95%) No
  • Max working pressure bar/psi 300/4350
  • Anti-Freeze protection Accessory
  • US Navy Tested Yes
  • EN250 approved (cold water) Yes
  • Xstream Deep first stage
  • Color: Black
  • Technology: Roll diaphragm
  • Material: Brass
  • Valve technology: Spheric
  • Wheel mounted: Side
  • LP ports 3/8: 5
  • HP port 7/16: 2
  • Flow rate (l/min): 5500
  • O2 clean: No
  • DIN G5/8: Yes
  • EN144-3 compatible: No
  • Separate yoke: Accessory
  • Zytel HP seat: Yes
  • Built in overpressure valve: Yes
  • Anti-freeze protected: Yes

    2nd stage Jetstream Mk3
  • Color Black
  • Material ASA, Stainless steel, Brass
  • Weight (g/lb) 190/0.42
  • Volume (ml/cuin) 80/4.88
  • Valve technology Upstream
  • Flowrate (l/cuft per min) 1800/63
  • Purge button on side Yes
  • Oxygen clean No